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    The Trucking Industry Will Run On Momentum

    The undeniable economic benefits of switching to natural gas have come to the trucking industry. One need only look at top engine maker Cummins, now shipping new, long-run, natural gas models. Vehicle manufacturers like Navistar and Volvo have plans to offer long-haul natural gas-powered vehicles. Fuel stations across North America stand ready to service LNG (liquefied natural gas) vehicles. And companies everywhere (like Nike and Walmart) are not only turning to natural gas with the aim to reduce costs, they’re looking to boost their green credentials.

    But when those who make shipping their business jump on board, that’s a sure sign of a true paradigm shift. By the end of 2014, United Parcel Service (UPS) will be expanding its heavy, 18-wheel fleet with 800 LNG vehicles (utilizing the aforementioned Cummins engines). UPS hopes LNG vehicles will make up most of its new heavy vehicle acquisitions over the next two years.

    Chief sustainability officer for UPS, Scott Wicker, hopes his company’s actions will “…pave the way and others will follow.” The industry as a whole has a long way to go – with eight million existing heavy and medium-weight trucks running on diesel. Wicker added, “Moving into LNG is… the right step for us, for our customers and for our planet.”

    UPS will enjoy lower fuel costs – saving as much as $0.40 per litre (or 19-25 per cent per kilometer over diesel).

    Of course shorter-haul municipal vehicles, like buses for transit and garbage trucks, have been enjoying the benefits of natural gas for years.

    Do you think the lower cost of shipping will be passed down to consumers? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.



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    With Natural Gas in Abundance, Prosperity Can’t Be Far Behind

    The low price of abundant natural gas undoubtedly benefits consumers in terms of their home heating, hot water, and electricity bills. But bargain natural gas prices are also having some secondary benefits for the economy.

    Long flagging and in some cases dormant, the American manufacturing sector stirs once more.

    Unlocking shale gas has led to this wellspring of newfound success. European manufacturers, beleaguered by expensive inputs in their home countries, are crossing the Atlantic. Manufacturers of steel, glass, paper, fertilizers, plastics and other useful products, all count on natural gas as a critical component of their manufacturing process. And every business can benefit from cheap energy. They are, once again, viewing America as the legendary land of opportunity.

    German chemical giant, BASF, views the expansion of their American operations, pragmatically – the price of natural gas is a quarter of what it is in their country. As a result, the company is funneling in $5.7 billion of new investment and expansion.

    This trend could continue for the foreseeable future, where many companies around the world are looking to cut costs and remain competitive. In fact, nearly $20 billion in manufacturing projects are set to occur before 2015, where a million new jobs will be created by 2025, according to PricewaterhouseCoopers.

    It all goes to prove how natural gas, once again, proves the ideal energy source – particularly for refueling an economic comeback.

    Do you think natural gas can reinvigorate the manufacturing sector in Ontario? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments below.




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    Did you know the Zambonis in Fort Erie are environmentally friendly?

    Talk about iconic Canadian vehicles and the Zamboni no doubt comes to mind. Last month, we spoke about how community arenas, university sports facilities and NHL teams alike have begun converting their ice re-surfacers to being powered by natural gas. But did you know that the Town of Fort Erie has made that change? In the video below, TVCogeco Niagara’s Anthony Luongo speaks with Sean Hutton, Manager of Facilities at the Town of Fort Erie, about the economical and environmental benefits of converting their Zambonis to being fuelled by natural gas.



    Let us know what you think of Zambonis making the switch to natural gas.