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    Just How Abundant is Natural Gas?

    The discovery of massive natural gas supplies in North America has vastly increased our supply reserves right here in North America. According to consulting firm ICF International, there are about 113 trillion cubic meters of economically recoverable natural gas in North America.

    Just how much is 113 trillion cubic metres? Enough to fill the Rogers Centre – home of the Toronto Blue Jays and the 2012 Grey Cup-winning Toronto Argonauts – about 70,332 times. (Retractable roof closed, of course.)

    New and abundant supplies mean the natural gas prices you pay are lower today than they were 10 years ago. And access to massive deposits of natural gas throughout some areas of North America, like Marcellus and Utica just south of the border, and made possible through advances in production technology, has translated into affordable natural gas prices.

    Experts predict that prices will remain affordable and stable through to at least 2025.

    Have any thoughts about the vast amounts of clean-burning natural gas we have right here in North America? Then let us know in the comments section below.

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    Natural Gas: Bigger Than You Think

    The Ontario Natural Gas Alliance is making every effort to make sure Ontarians know about the important role that natural gas plays in our lives. Why? Natural gas is one of the cleanest and most affordable energy sources we have in Ontario. Because of this, we think people will want to know about its significant contribution to our province along with how it could play an even greater role in the future.

    Because we think people should know about its significant contribution, and not take this flexible, North American energy source for granted.

    Facts are, the natural gas distribution industry delivers energy services to more than 6 million homes, businesses and institutions across Canada.  As a cornerstone of Canada’s energy mix, natural gas meets over 30% of the country’s energy needs.

    Not many people know that. And we should.

    Watch the Canadian Gas Association’s How Natural Gas is Smart Energy video and learn how natural gas is an abundantly available, job-creating, affordable, safe, reliable, and clean source of energy for buildings and communities, large industry, and transportation.

    So, how important do think natural gas is to Ontario economy? Let us know in the comments below.

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    The Journey of Natural Gas

    Many of us don’t know (or, perhaps we haven’t had time to think about) where our natural gas comes from or how it comes to benefit our everyday lives. And yet, it’s right there when we need it – warming our homes and businesses, heating our water, generating electricity and powering our industries.

    So, exactly how does that work? Well, here’s The Journey of Natural Gas 101 – from the gas field to the burner on your stove or furnace, in about a 100 words.

    It all begins right here at home in North America, as almost all of our natural gas comes from Western Canada and the U.S. courtesy of a vast pipeline system.

    The journey continues as the natural gas is transported to storage and distribution facilities in Ontario through various pipelines. Large amounts of this natural gas are stored in naturally occurring underground reservoirs when demand is low, to make sure it’s there when we need it most (like winter).

    The third, and last leg of the trip, is the delivery of natural gas to your home or business through a safe and reliable distribution system.

    Check out this video that sums up this journey from the source to your home or business, and explains the costs you’d find on your gas bill.

    Let us know if you have any comments or questions about how natural gas gets to your home or business in the comments below.