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    How energy efficient is your home?

    We all want to do our best to help improve our household energy savings when heating, cooling, using hot water and other uses of energy. But where do we even begin? And what should we consider before overhauling our homes with renovations?

    A home energy audit is a great place to start and you don’t have to hire anybody to do it. Union Gas offers a great do-it-yourself energy audit checklist for you to determine what is already working well in your home, and what may need improvements. We’re interested to know, before you conduct your audit, what do you think you are already doing well and where do you think you can improve?

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    Here Are Some Watch-Outs For Your Windows

    Did you know the windows in your home can cause significant increases in your energy bills? There are solutions. Heavy drapes or energy-efficient window coverings can be used to reduce heat loss, especially at night. During cold winter days, be sure to open your drapes to allow heat and air circulation to get to the glass to help minimize condensation problems. And in the summer, block the hot sun by closing your drapes during the day.

    You can also improve the thermal resistance of the existing window glazing by installing additional layers of glazing. This can be accomplished by an exterior storm window or an ‘interior storm window.’ Interior storm windows are made of either acrylic sheet attached to the window trim with a magnetic seal, or thin sheets of polyethylene that are attached with double-sided tape. A hair dryer is used to ‘shrink’ the plastic in place and to ensure an airtight installation. Both are available commercially.

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    Nova Chemicals Signs Long-Term Supply Contract

    The transition to natural gas continues in Ontario. Nova Chemicals fulfilled a condition of approval with the National Energy Board for a $600 million dollar conversion of its Corunna plant to use ethane extracted from natural gas as its raw material.

    But what does this really mean? It means jobs for Ontarians.

    “The proximity of this new feedstock supply has made ethane economically viable as a feedstock. Access to this feedstock supply is an important opportunity to ensure NOVA Chemicals’ continued competitive economic viability in Sarnia, both today and well into the future.” – Nova Chemicals

    The Corunna complex has made 30-40% of Canada’s requirements for basic petrochemicals since 1977 and has been a mainstay of employment for the past 36 years. The plan to convert to ethane is helping keep more than 900 well-paid technical jobs in Sarnia. We often speak to the benefits of natural gas as an energy resource but we have to remember that it helps provide so much more to the people of Ontario.

    Please share your thoughts on the Nova Chemical conversion in the comment section below.