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    Reminders to Help You Save in the Bathroom.

    Extra time in the bathroom, getting ready for your day or unwinding after it in a hot bath, may be relaxing, but it can also cost you on your gas bill. Here are some cost cutting tips for your bathroom routine.

    Save in your bathroom

    • Don’t leave hot water running while shaving. Turn it down while you shampoo.
    • Install low-flow showerheads and faucet aerators.
    • Take a shower instead of a bath and use far less water.

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    Helpful Hints for Saving in Your Kitchen

    Energy used in the kitchen goes beyond your cooking appliances. Hot water use can also affect your gas bill. But here are tips to cut back on water-heating costs by reducing waste.

    Save in your kitchen

    • Fix dripping faucets right away – dripping hot water for a month could fill 16 bathtubs (about 3,600 litres).
    • Install aerators on your taps.
    • Don’t run your water continuously while washing dishes by hand.
    • Wait until your dishwasher is full, and use the energy-saving cycle.
    • Open your dishwasher’s door to let dishes air dry instead of using the drying cycle.

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    Affordable Natural Gas a “Game Changer”

    Unprecedented access by its Sarnia-Lambton plants to affordable natural gas liquids from U.S. shale deposits, is something Nova Chemicals is calling nothing short of a “game changer.” Sarnia Mayor Mike Bradley, and chairperson of the Sarnia-Lambton Economic Partnership agrees, calling Nova’s expansion plans “really significant” for the community.

    It’s all part of the company’s Nova 2020 capital strategy. According to Nova spokesperson, Krista Hagan, work on the project began in September to enable the plant to be fed by 100% natural gas liquids. It includes a $250-million revamp of its Corunna plant (to be completed in early 2014) which will employ 200 construction workers at its peak late next summer. In addition, Nova plans to build an 8km pipeline to carry Marcellus shale natural gas liquids to the Corunna plant, from an existing St. Clair River crossing. Hagan says construction of the pipeline is scheduled to begin in March and be completed by June, with natural gas liquids coming on line at the beginning of the third quarter of 2013.

    The Nova 2020 program also proposes building a new polyethylene plant in the region, tied to an expansion at the Corunna site, and increased production at its Moore polyethylene site.

    “These are very ambitious projects that would have a huge impact on employment,” said Mayor Bradley.

    Do you know if access to affordable and clean energy has had any impact where you live and work? Let us know in the comments below.