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    ONGA Members and Government of Ontario Partner to Combat Climate Change

    Working together, anything is possible, including addressing one of the great challenges of our time: climate change. The Green Investment Fund is the latest example of partnership between Ontario Natural Gas Alliance members and the Ontario government. This recently announced fund is part of the Ontario government’s Climate Change Strategy and will see $100 million invested to create jobs and help homeowners save energy, reducing monthly energy bills.

    The government estimates the fund will help about 37,000 homeowners conduct energy efficiency audits and then complete retrofits, such as replacing old furnaces and water heaters or upgrading windows and insulation. Homeowners know that making these changes can have a real positive impact on their bottom lines, and it’s a great investment that can pay dividends down the road. In the past, for every dollar invested in natural gas efficiency, savings of $1.50 to $4.00 have been realized for natural gas consumers.

    In many ways, the launch of the Green Investment Fund represents a vote of confidence from the government of Ontario for something that companies such as Enbridge Gas Distribution and Union Gas have been doing for decades: working with customers of all scopes and sizes to reduce monthly bills and lower greenhouse gas emissions. Between 2005 and 2013, natural gas conservation programs resulted in 47 million tonnes of lifetime greenhouse gas reductions, while the price of natural gas remained competitive.

    Clean, reliable and affordable natural gas is an ally in the fight against climate and with the announcement of the Green Investment Fund; it shows the government of Ontario recognizes this important fact. As Glen Murray, the Minister of Environment and Climate Change said with the release of the program: “Improving energy efficiency in the home is one of the most important actions we can take in the fight against climate change.”

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    Delhi showing climate change leadership by embracing compressed natural gas

    Recently the Ontario Natural Gas Alliance spent some time in Hamilton talking to the leadership and employees of Hamilton Street Railway (HSR), the municipal public transit provider, about its use of compressed natural gas (CNG). As a large urban people mover, HSR gets thousands of riders everyday to school, work and home again, in part with a fleet of vehicles fuelled by clean, reliable and affordable compressed natural gas. HSR has embraced CNG technology as compared to traditional diesel; it greatly reduces emissions, helping keep the air in Hamilton clean.

    Encouragingly, Hamilton is not alone in promoting the use of CNG technology to reduce emissions. In an effort to curb air pollution, the city of Delhi, India, has been ordered by Supreme Court to only allow CNG taxis to operate on Delhi streets and around the National Capital Region. This is part of broader prescient efforts to reduce emissions in the region by curbing the use of diesel vehicles in the region and preventing the registration of new diesel vehicles. Here’s a recent article on the move to CNG taxis in Delhi: http://bit.ly/1Idpa7Q

    The city of Delhi is taking some good advice and enacting practical solutions to the global climate change challenge. Here in Ontario, Professor Daniel Hoornweg of the Ontario University Institute of Technology has highlighted that natural gas can be part of a suite of transportation and transit solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions while people, goods and services get where they need to be on time. Dr. Hoornweg’s recent study calls on leaders from all levels of government to support the transition to electric vehicles for personal transportation, CNG for transit and liquefied natural gas for long-haul transportation and trucking.

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    New Report Says Homeowners Can Save Over $1600 a Year By Switching To Natural Gas For Home Heating

    It’s a simple switch, but one that can mean enough in savings for a nice holiday.

    According to a new report from professional services consultancy ICF International, homeowners in areas currently not served by natural gas but suitable for natural expansion, can save over $1,600 per year moving to natural gas for heating says new ICF international report

    The Canadian Gas Association recently worked with ICF International to examine the benefits of natural gas expansion across Canada. The report is good news for anyone who has advocated for expanded access to clean, reliable and affordable natural gas here in Ontario. Connecting more Canadian homes and businesses to natural gas will save consumers money, while reducing emissions.

    This new report concludes that moving homes, businesses and industrial facilities to natural gas for heating will mean major costs savings for Canadian homeowners and businesses. As an example, if the average homeowner in the study group makes the switch to natural gas, the report finds a potential reduction of $1,600 per year in energy costs.

    Additionally, the ICF International report continues to build the case that natural gas is an ally in the fight to combat climate change. Currently, many homes and businesses heat with higher cost and higher-emitting energy sources. Connecting these homes and businesses to clean, reliable and affordable natural gas would be like taking 405,625 passenger vehicles off the road for one year, greatly reducing emissions.

    Follow this link for the report: http://bit.ly/1NJ6qNJ