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    Helpful Hints for Saving in Your Kitchen

    Energy used in the kitchen goes beyond your cooking appliances. Hot water use can also affect your gas bill. But here are tips to cut back on water-heating costs by reducing waste.

    Save in your kitchen

    • Fix dripping faucets right away – dripping hot water for a month could fill 16 bathtubs (about 3,600 litres).
    • Install aerators on your taps.
    • Don’t run your water continuously while washing dishes by hand.
    • Wait until your dishwasher is full, and use the energy-saving cycle.
    • Open your dishwasher’s door to let dishes air dry instead of using the drying cycle.

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    Cooking Doesn’t Have to Cost You

    Food costs go beyond your grocery bill. Consider energy consumption – depending on what and how often you cook, there are costs in how you use your stove and oven. But here are some tips to use them more efficiently.

    On your stove 
    • Choose a burner size that matches your pot.
    • Use flat-bottomed pans for greater contact with your burner.
    • Use lids to conserve heat and decrease cooking time.
    • Turn your burner down once liquids boil.
    • Use your oven instead of your range – an insulated oven uses less energy.

    In your oven
    • Defrost your food before baking to cut energy use by a third.
    • Don’t pre-heat your oven for dishes that take over an hour to cook.
    • Use the window and a cooking timer instead of opening your oven door – you let 20% of the oven’s heat escape each time you break the seal.
    • Use a cookie sheet to catch drips and spills rather than line your oven with aluminum foil which can reduce hot air flow, lower the inside temperature or block a vent.
    • Ensure the seals and hinges on your oven fit tightly and don’t leak heat.

    Now, you’re cooking with gas!
    Professional chefs all cook on natural gas. Here’s why:
    • Precise temperature control.
    • Instant response times.
    • Even heat.

    Other benefits of a natural gas stove 
    • Automatic pilotless ignition provides fuel savings.
    • Push to turn knobs – parental locks.
    • In a power outage, most gas stoves can be lit with a match.
    • Stylish and inexpensive to use.

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    Natural Gas: Bigger Than You Think

    The Ontario Natural Gas Alliance is making every effort to make sure Ontarians know about the important role that natural gas plays in our lives. Why? Natural gas is one of the cleanest and most affordable energy sources we have in Ontario. Because of this, we think people will want to know about its significant contribution to our province along with how it could play an even greater role in the future.

    Because we think people should know about its significant contribution, and not take this flexible, North American energy source for granted.

    Facts are, the natural gas distribution industry delivers energy services to more than 6 million homes, businesses and institutions across Canada.  As a cornerstone of Canada’s energy mix, natural gas meets over 30% of the country’s energy needs.

    Not many people know that. And we should.

    Watch the Canadian Gas Association’s How Natural Gas is Smart Energy video and learn how natural gas is an abundantly available, job-creating, affordable, safe, reliable, and clean source of energy for buildings and communities, large industry, and transportation.

    So, how important do think natural gas is to Ontario economy? Let us know in the comments below.