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Archive: Dec 2016

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    Four in Five Ontarians say natural gas is reliable and capable for home heating

    Toronto ON, December 14, 2016—As temperatures continue to drop, a new poll from Pollara Strategic Insights reveals Ontarians overwhelmingly view natural gas as the most reliable and capable energy source for heating their homes.

    The study, which was commissioned by the Ontario Natural Gas Alliance (ONGA), found 83 per cent of Ontarians give natural gas top marks on reliability and capability when it comes to heating their homes.

    Other key highlights from the report include:

    • Two-thirds (67 per cent) would choose natural gas as the energy source for their heating system right now—by far the leading choice among Ontarians.
    • Over 90 per cent of Ontarians view cost, reliability and capability as important when choosing a home heating source.
    • Natural gas received far higher and intense positive ratings on measures of reliability, cost, environment impact and capability than any other home heating source.

    “Ontario residents view natural gas as an affordable and reliable way to heat their homes during our harsh winters,” says ONGA spokesperson Jamie Ellerton. “By readily allowing home-owners to adjust their thermostats no matter how cold it is outside, natural gas keeps Ontarians warm when they need it most.”

    Natural gas is connected directly to the home via underground pipelines. Unlike other energy sources, winter storms won’t prevent the abundant supply of natural gas from reaching Ontario homes. Supply is so abundant in North America, there is enough to last well beyond the next 100 years.

    “Natural gas is also the most affordable source of energy for Ontario homes and businesses, costing significantly less than electricity, propane or oil,” says Ellerton. “Over the past two winters, homeowners have saved between $1,700 and $2,200 a year by using natural gas instead of electricity, oil or propane for heat and hot water.”

    To learn more about the benefits of natural gas visit www.cleanandaffordable.ca


    About ONGA

    The Ontario Natural Gas Alliance (ONGA) is a partnership between two of Ontario’s leading natural gas distribution companies, Enbridge Gas Distribution and Union Gas. ONGA was created to help the public understand the vital role natural gas can play in Ontario’s future- forward clean energy mix. ONGA is dedicated to education around the many positive attributes of natural gas, including its affordability, cleanliness and potential to fuel an economic revitalization that will create jobs and expand Ontario’s economy. For more information, please visit: www.cleanandaffordable.ca.


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