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Archive: May 2016

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    Unprecedented proposal to remove natural gas heating in Ontario would pose devastating consequences for Ontario residents and businesses

    A statement by the Ontario Natural Gas Alliance

    The report of the Government of Ontario’s proposal to spend $1.32 Billion to switch homes heated by natural gas to electric heating is ill-conceived and prohibitively expensive.

    The Ontario Natural Gas Alliance (ONGA) is a partner in Ontario’s low carbon future that combats climate change. The industry has made collaborative and cost-effective proposals to meet Ontario’s emission reduction targets including increased conservation spending, moving to more renewable natural gas, and using natural gas in medium- and heavy-duty trucking. However, using Cap and Trade proceeds to switch Ontarians to electric heat would be disruptive and will not allow us to achieve our emission reduction goals.

    Ontarians should continue to have choice, and not be forced to adapt a single electric solution for home heating—one that will entail expensive equipment costs upfront and is six times more expensive to operate than natural gas.

    Bottom line: Ontario households will pay up to $3,000 more each and every year to heat their homes if this policy proceeds.

    Jamie Ellerton
    Spokesperson, Ontario Natural Gas Alliance