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Archive: Nov 2014

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    Demand-side Management Helping Ontario Businesses Save

    Companies across Ontario are making the most of Demand-Side Management (DSM) initiatives to help better their bottom lines and lower energy consumption. In fact, since DSM was introduced in the 1990s, industrial and commercial energy consumers across Ontario have saved an estimated 16.3 billion cubic metres of natural gas, equating to the energy consumption of more than five million homes, or removing 5.7 million cars from the roads each year. Savings on costs and energy consumed makes DSM an integral part of why natural gas continues to be affordable for companies of all sizes.

    Click on the link below for a National Post article that explores the benefits of DSM.

    National Post – Demand Side Management

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    Discovering the benefits of Natural Gas in Red Lake, Ontario

    Access to clean and affordable natural gas has proven beneficial for the residents of Red Lake, Ontario, a mining town located 500 km northwest of Thunder Bay. Previously, residents in the region had relied solely on fuel oil, hydro, wood or propane to heat their homes and businesses. Today, the game has changed.